NTX Plumbing Richardson M-39400

This is not supposed to be funny and it really isn’t. This actually very recently happened. NTX Plumbing in Richardson recently “repaired” a gas leak found by a home inspector in my soon to be buyer’s house. Before closing we asked that the gas leak be fixed. Seller Agreed and NTX Plumbing sent an invoice stating the the gas leak had been resolved. Upon re-inspection, the Gas Line was still leaking. The Seller and Plumber said they fixed the leak and said they would shoot a video of the Plumber testing the gas line to prove it was fixed. The first video is what NTX Plumbing sent as evidence for their repair….

This video was sent out to my buyer and I to provide comfort that the gas line was fixed (Unprofessional and it seems he didn’t like the inspector questioning him). My Client was not happy with the professionalism of this video, or the nature of the test. The buyer is an engineer and respects the various proven methods used to inspect for gas…A blow torch not being one of them. We had the house reinspected and the buyer used a Combustible Gas Leak Detector and found that the gas leak was still present. He shot a video himself of easily finding that there in fact was a leak still present. Both videos are present. Since then, another plumber found the gas leak and is has been repaired. The gas leak was on the back side of the pipe near the shutoff.
I’m not going to tell you not to use NTX Plumbing in Richardson (I know that I won’t), I am just going to tell you that there is a lot of trust involved with what Plumbing Company’s provide us. We have to trust that they are using the best equipment to find the dangers that could be present. My buyer has a beautiful 1 1/2 year old girl and wife that are going to move into that home. And if the actions of NTX Plumbing were not questioned, they would be living in a home with a Gas Leak that they thought was repaired.
Be careful out there and hire good companies.